How ACOR unveiled in Abuja

We had a 10-day vacay in Abuja and it was such a tremendous time. One of the highlights of the trip, for me, was this book unveil I attended.


Book cover of Othuke Ominiabohs’ new novel


I met Othuke Ominiabohs via his first book released earlier this year. ‘Odufa’ was so romantic and well written, I craved for more materials from this prolific first-time author and desired to meet him.

Love at first read: Odufa

Now I’m not used to meeting authors whose books I enjoy as years of reading ‘strangers’ have taught me that you don’t meet writers. I mean they aren’t rockstars so they don’t reach out to fans like in a concert, press conference or red carpet events. Even when there’s a ‘meet and greet’ or ‘book signing’ (which is common for touring best-selling authors outside this clime), the venues are small and seldom packed full. But things are changing.

A saxophonist entertains guests at ACOR unveil, Abuja


The book bug is catching on quite rapidly in Nigeria as more Nigerians are beginning to read and love Nigerian books and by extension, authors. Yes, local authors still have problems convincing some bookshops to stock their books but I’m glad we are making progress. Yes, we haven’t sorted our distribution problem as many authors still have to go bookshop to bookshop if they  are to have national circulation but we are moving. Yes our publishing houses are so few,  fledgling and struggling but we’re still sailing. One can authoritatively say Literary appreciation is on the rise and we have the likes of Othuke to thank- People writing Nigerian stories in our everyday language such that one can almost substitute the characters with a neighbour or high school friend’s name and the story would fit. So it was quite some excitement for me when about 190 people attended ACOR unveil.


A Conspiracy Of Ravens is a Nigerian thriller built around the oil struggle in the Niger Delta. It’s fast-paced and action-packed and I think Othuke did a really good job, so far. I’ll do a proper review when I’m done reading. I took a few pictures of the event with my Tecno L8 phone. Venue was Thought Art Pyramid, Wuse II, Abuja.

Beautiful ladies at the book stand


With Public Health advocate, Ijeoma Mba


Readers queue for autographs and interaction with author

With man-of-the-moment, Othuke Ominiabohs and a mutual friend, Chia.


Meanwhile, before Lagos folks get all jealous, there will be a Lagos edition on Sunday, October 2nd. Venue is TerraKulture on Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island and you are invited.





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